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The C@ribNET Portal was developed to facilitate the development of communities of interest and practice in the Caribbean.

It provides a service and space for interaction and collaboration of communities  and is purely for academic use by teachers/educators and researchers from institutions of higher education/tertiary level institutions, research centres, CARICOM agencies, government agencies and other related entities connected to the Caribbean’s national research and education networks (NRENs), in CARICOM/CARIFORUM member states. Upon registering please see the Policy of Use for more information for users.

The C@ribNET Portal has been adapted from the portal developed and used by RedCLARA, the Latin American Research and Education Network. This has been an activity undertaken by RedCLARA and the CKLN, as partner networks and in the spirit of collaboration and sharing of the global R&E community.

The C@ribNET Portal (also called COLABORATORIO) development has been made possible through a grant from the European Union.

What Makes this Portal Unique

 The C@ribNET Portal:

  • - offers a unique combination of tools and services, developed by and for universities and research institutions and tailored to the needs of their users. The combination of tools and services is available to the C@ribNET community at no cost.
  • - your apps and services provided by Latin American and European NRENs will be maintained, automatically upgraded and new ones added (saving in cost of maintenance and hosting is quite significant)

  • - your data, content and users data base is not subject to commercial interest, and
  • - you have ownership of the content IP rights and privacy is much better than on any commercial groupwares (such as  google or yahoo); you don’t have to pay for “premium” services to avoid these ads.
  •  - you can have unlimited amount of data (storage) and numbers of users, for free 

Uses of the Portal:

  • ·Articulate and organise online working groups, research teams, task forces, or host communities of practice to share and grow knowledge
  • ·Structure information, data or systematize knowledge
  • ·Access specific scientific resources and tools (research gateway)
  • ·Conduct E-learning activities, as online training or webminars
  • ·Disseminate specific information to target groups of stakeholders
  • ·Find project and research partners, talents skills, funds and more

A community or a working group can :

  • ·Organise collective knowledge in a shared library (links, documents, text, references)
  • ·Organise knowledge sharing online events (and include non-members, hold webinars, broadcast conferences )
  • ·Articulate working groups and inter-institutional projects coordination or activities (VC + Forums + Wiki)
  • ·Conduct distance training (using e-learning LMS, or do Webinars in VC expresso)
  • ·Share and disseminate bulletins / newsletters, etc.
  • ·Share multimedia material as videos, maps, databases, and other large files
  • ·Collective editing (wiki) of documents
  • ·Set a mutual support system
  • ·Create and nurture a knowledge base (forums and wiki FAQ)
  • ·Cross community collaboration

Video Tutorials on how to use some portal tools

  1. Large file transfer tutorial
  2. On-line videoconference rooms - VCEspresso
  3. SIVIC tool tutorial (webconf and video con planning tool) for organising events and video conferences tutorial
  4. The WIKIs from RedCLARAHow to use my Community WIKI