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The Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network, CKLN, has a number of papers, reports, presentations, News Updates, newsletters (2008-9) and other useful publications. We hope you find these publications interesting and useful.Send your feedback to

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(2008-2008 Newsletters) : CKLN Newsline - Vol 1 CKLN Newsline - Vol 2 CKLN Newsline - Vol 3


  • ACTION REPORT on the Jamaica NREN Development Consultation  (Nov. 16, 2011)

  • Seminar Report -  "Europe-Caribbean Academic Cooperation and Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities" (May 11 2011)

  • Evaluation of the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN-I) Project - Prepared by: Eduardo R. Ali (March 2010)  

     ",,,,,,,Many areas of the project have been successful. The CKLN has demonstrated overall efficiency as an operation and has built a solid reputation across the region. Its strengths are in negotiation of multilateral funding, procurement, engaging with regional partner agencies, brokering technological infrastructure, offering of workshops and consultancies and providing unique opportunities through useful fora and related events for institutional capacity building and knowledge sharing. ......"

  • "....The Information Age has placed knowledge as the single most important attribute for human development, both economic and social. Almost all CARICOM governments have published or are actively addressing remediation of this disability with public policy frameworks that embrace increasing education and training opportunities for their citizens in. The latest UN Human Development Report identifies the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region as the most unequal in human development globally pursuit of development....."

  • Consolidated CKLN activities for countries  (May 2009)

  • CKLN Project Document - Prepared by The World Bank in collaboration with Caribbean Stakeholders (2004)

  • Labour Market Survey - Prepared by Michael White and Associates (January 2006) 

    "... This report is intended to inform CKLNÂ’’s strategic planning process of key labour market and workforce development issues in order to make the Network relevant the private sector, hence the economic competitiveness. It offers several specific recommendations to advance the common purpose of helping the region maintain a workforce with current and diverse skills and knowledge...."

  • Project Concept Document, CKLN - Prepared by the World Bank and Caribbean Stakeholders (May 2004)

".....This project will contribute to some of the changes that must take place in the economic paradigm of the Caribbean. There are six main issues which this project seeks to address:

  1. Excess demand and limited supply of tertiary education opportunities
  2. High costs and limited financing
  3. Articulation with Education Development: Teacher Training
  4. Diversification of Tertiary Institutions, Quality and Relevance
  5. Regional Development of Tertiary Education, Integration Into Global Market (2) and Competitiveness
  6. The cost of Connectivity, Use of ICT and Distance Education


NRENs in the Caribbean - presented at the Special Interest Group meeting on Emerging NRENs at the Internet 2 Fall Meeting (October 2012

INAUGURAL ASSEMBLY OF Caribbean NRENs  (May 3,4  2012)

Presentation on NRENs to Jamaica NREN Development Consultation - presented by Ms. Martha Giraldo, outgoing Director of Columbia's NREN, RENATA (November 16, 2011):  

                   PART 1 (Networking & NRENs)    PART 2 (RENATA & CLARA)  

                               PART 3 (RENATA Projects)   PART 4  (CLARA Services)            PART 5 (Tips for JREN

NREN Blueprint and Consensus Building in Caribbean Reflection  - presented  by Dr. Lishan Adam, Consultant (May 2011)

Experience of Regional Research and Education Networks: Implications -  presented  by Dr. Lishan Adam, Consultant (May 2011)

Caribbean TertiaryEducation & the On-line Modality - presented by Professor Errol Miller (2011) Readers may also be interested in the following keynote address presented by Prof. Miller, Emeritus Professor of Education, Jamaica on the occasion of the seminar on ‘RESEARCH AND HIGHER EDUCATION POLICIES FOR TRANSFORMING SOCIETIES: PERSPECTIVES FROM LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN’  at the Trinidad Hilton & Conference Centre, July 2007. 



Environmental and Social Management Framework - Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (RCIP) Phase 1 - Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia (CARCIP) - Prepared by: Edward Niles, Environmental & Developmental Planning Consultant  1/1/2011


Resettlement  Planning Framework - Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (RCIP) Phase 1 - Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines and St. Lucia (CARCIP) - Caricad Barbados - Prepared by: Edward Niles, Environmental & Developmental Planning Consultant  1/1/2011