Caribbean NRENs

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In the Caribbean, there are a number of emerging NRENs - Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas,  Anguilla, Suriname, Belize, while others are getting started. While the NREN in the Dominican Republic, RADEI, is the only one in the Caribbean that is currently a registered organisation, others are working towards

Who are the Emerging NRENs in the Caribbean?

 Many countries around the world face the challenge of persuading stakeholders​​ of the inherent value in oper​ating an NREN. However, because we are part of a global R&E family, we benefit from being part of this learning and sharing community.

Global R&E partners have gathered materials to assist new and emerging NRENs find the information, messages and tools to demonstrate the role ​​​and value of NRENs (MAKING ThE CASE) and progress towards becoming sustainable organisations.​​​

Our networking infrastructure traverses the globe, enabling access to content and resources, connecting people, delivering new experiences, fostering collaboration and cultivating interdisciplinary communities striving to make a difference


This blog embodies that very spirit, bringing the R&E network community together in a global collaboration with users and beneficiaries to showcase and share some of our most inspiring stories and achievements.





  •  BZREN - Belize NREN  

  • ORENOrganisation of Eastern Caribbean States NREN

  • RADEI - Dominican Advanced Network for Education &    Investigation, Dominican Republic

  • CORPUHA  -The Haitian Conference of Rectors and     Presidents of Universities

  INSTITUTIONS Associated with Caribbean NRENs